Gold-Headed Cane Award Recipients


Dr. Peter Jackson
East Bay, Nova Scotia

The College is pleased to announce Dr. Peter Jackson as the recipient of its 2016 Gold-Headed Cane Award.

The award recognizes outstanding community-based physicians who exemplify professionalism in service to their patients, profession and community. The award was presented to Dr. Jackson at the Gold-Headed Cane awards dinner on May 6, 2017.

"Over the course of his career, Dr. Jackson has touched the lives of thousands of Cape Bretoners, working in a largely solo-based practice providing comprehensive family physician care," said Dr. William Stanish, President of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Nova Scotia in presenting the award to Dr. Jackson.

Dr. Jackson graduated from Guy's Hospital Medical School in London, England and immigrated to Canada where in 1965, he began his medical career. Dr. Jackson's clinical practice included daily hospital rounds, house calls as well as delivering upwards of 100 babies each year.

Dr. Jackson occupied a number of significant leadership roles in the medical community including President of what is now Doctors Nova Scotia, President of the Maritime Medical Care, later known as MSI and Interim Director of the Palliative Care Service in Cape Breton. Dr. Jackson was also an active volunteer member of the Cape Breton Chorale for over four decades.

With over 50 years in medicine, Dr. Jackson retired in 2015 leaving a legacy of medical practice that exudes altruism, service, commitment and compassion for the patients he cared for and for the community in which he lives.


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