Physician Guidelines and Policies

If you have specific questions about the College’s physician guidelines and policies, please contactDr. Gus Grant, Registrar and Chief Executive Officer: 902-421-2204

Please note: In addition to the physician guidelines and policies below, the College also maintains a list of recommended readings for Nova Scotia physicians. The College’s Policy and Standards Committee recommends these readings for physicians who may be facing ethical questions not addressed in its physician guidelines and policies. The readings are supplied for information purposes only and have not been specifically endorsed by the College.


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Physician Guidelines and Policies under Consultation



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Approved Physician Guidelines and Policies



Block Billing Policy Dec 22, 1995
Canadian Guideline for Safe and Effective Use of Opioids for Chronic Non-Cancer Pain May 28, 2010
Canadian Medical Association Code of Ethics (CMA document endorsed by CPSNS) Jul 01, 2005
Guidelines for Completing Patient Forms May 24, 2013
Guidelines for Delegated Medical Functions and Medical Directives Jul 01, 2005
Guidelines for Ending the Physician-Patient Relationship May 29, 2009
Guidelines for Medical-Legal Reports Dec 05, 2008
Guidelines for Methadone in the Management of Chronic Non-Cancer Pain Oct 13, 2006
Guidelines for Physicians Regarding Referral and Consultation Mar 21, 2014
Guidelines for Retiring Physicians Regarding Licensing and Notification Mar 27, 2009
Guidelines for the Provision of Telemedicine Services Dec 13, 2013
Guidelines for the Use of Controlled Substances in the Treatment of Pain Dec 09, 2011
Guidelines for Third-Party Examinations and Reports May 28, 2010
Guidelines for Vaccine Storage and Handling Mar 23, 2012
Guidelines on Advertising and Public Communications by Physicians Dec 10, 2010
Guidelines on Health Emergencies and the Physician Mar 27, 2009
Guidelines on Physician Interaction with Industry Oct 18, 2013
Guidelines on Responsibilities when Permanently or Temporarily Closing a Medical Practice Dec 13, 2013
Guidelines on Standard of Care for Walk-in Clinics May 28, 2010
Guidelines on the Provision of Care by Physicians after Hours or During Short-Term Absences Mar 22, 2013
Guidelines Regarding “One Problem per Visit” Policies Mar 22, 2013
Guidelines Regarding Conflict of Interest Mar 22, 2013
Guidelines Regarding Reporting Requirements for Nova Scotia Physicians Dec 09, 2011
Guidelines Regarding the Sale of Products and Services to Patients May 27, 2011
Methadone Maintenance Treatment Handbook May 25, 2012
Policies and Guidelines for Infection Prevention and Control in the Physician’s Office May 27, 2011
Policy and Guidelines on Complementary and Alternative Therapies Mar 21, 2014
Policy and Guidelines Regarding Informed Patient Consent to Treatment Dec 14, 2012
Policy on Physician Obligations Regarding Certification of Death May 24, 2013
Policy on Physician Scope of Practice in a Health Emergency or Pandemic Oct 16, 2009
Policy on Prescribing in the Absence of Direct Patient Contact Oct 18, 2013
Policy on Qualifications Required to Perform Certain Cosmetic Procedures in Nova Scotia Mar 21, 2014
Policy on the Content and Maintenance of Medical Records Oct 18, 2013
Policy on Treating Self and Family Members Mar 25, 2011
Policy on Withdrawal of Physician Services During Job Actions Dec 14, 2012
Policy Regarding Accepting New Patients Oct 14, 2011
Policy Regarding Care Directives in Aesthetic Medicine Mar 22, 2013
Policy Regarding Care of Patients Who Have Received Treatment Outside Canada Mar 25, 2011
Policy Regarding Disruptive Behaviour by Physicians May 24, 2013
Policy Regarding Female Genital Mutilation Oct 12, 2012
Policy Regarding Obstetrical Ultrasound for Non-Medical Reasons Mar 22, 2013
Policy Regarding Physician Co-operation with the College Mar 21, 2014
Policy Regarding Professional Responsibilities in Postgraduate Medical Education Mar 21, 2014
Policy Regarding Professional Responsibilities in Undergraduate Medical Education Mar 21, 2014
Policy Regarding Review of Monitored Drug History Before Prescribing Mar 21, 2014
Policy Regarding Sexual Misconduct in the Physician-Patient Relationship Dec 10, 2010
Policy Regarding the Authorization of Marijuana for Medical Purposes Jun 26, 2014