Closing Your Practice

physician taking patient's blood pressurePermanently or Temporarily Closing Your Practice: A Guide for Physicians

A physician must comply with a number of statutory and regulatory requirements when permanently or temporarily closing a practice. Key considerations when closing your practice include:

  • Transfer of and Access to Medical Records
  • Notification to Patients and Others
  • Transfer of Patient Care

Information regarding the requirements for a physician when closing a practice is provided by the following: 


College of Physicians and Surgeons of Nova Scotia

When a physician closes a medical practice they must contact the College’s Registration Department with information regarding:

  • the practice closure date, and
  • the access to and transfer of patient records

Contact the College's Registration Department at:

Phone:      (902) 422-5823
Toll-free:  1-877-282-7767
Fax:           (902) 422-5035

College standards and guidelines when closing your practice are as follows:

Doctors Nova Scotia

Guidance for Physicians when Closing a Medical Practice (PDF - 12 pages)

Topics covered include:

Canadian Medical Protective Association (CMPA)

Considerations when leaving a medical practice (PDF - 3 pages)

Topics covered include:

Winding down your practice (PDF - 3 pages)

Topics covered include:

A matter of records: Retention and transfer of clinical records (PDF - 5 pages)

Topics covered include:

Canadian Medical Association (CMA)

Medical Records Management (PDF - 19 pages)

Topics covered include: